Things to do after Diwali Crackers Pollution

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Generally, on the next day of Diwali, the sky is blown with a thick layer of smoky clouds that does not disperse for a long time after Diwali. This time, limit yourself to your home, as the air is polluted to an dangerous end. On the off chance, wear a mask or cloth before stepping out of the house.

Do not exercise in open: Do whatever it takes, not to go for a walk or exercise in the open and abesnt yourself from practicing exercise in the morning hours. Continue with your exercise sessions indoor as it were. Clean the nearby, which get covered with the remainings of litterated crackers. Think about the well being of the polluted environment.

Precautions for children and infants: Kids shouldn't be left alone. Purchase wafers which don't radiate to a great degree perilous vapor as there are extremely damaging to wellbeing. Repel them from wafers which create fire. Keep the newborn children inside the house and keep the window sheets close so contaminated air doesn't go into the house.

In case of loss of breath or chocking: Try not to freeze. Go to a surrounding where there is less smoke and take full breaths. Utilize a wet texture as a cloak to keep away from taking in dirtied air. In the event that the issue builds, visit a specialist.